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PROVEA - Asociación de Proveedores de Productos y Servicios para la Alimentación Profesional (Professional Food Products and Services Suppliers Association)


Our sector

PROVEA companies are part of the professional bakery, pastry and ice-cream suppliers sector.

There are a large number of companies in the bakery and pastry sector which are usually small or medium-sized and operate extremely locally. They are generally craft-based firms which take great care over making their products and hence call for premium quality raw materials.

The majority of pastry shops and bakeries are manufacturing and retailing companies: they make their own products and sell them directly to the end-consumer without intermediaries or distributors. In some cases they themselves act as intermediaries for other products made by external suppliers, such as for example small chocolates, confectionery products, etc.

For this reason these companies are fully aware of the role which suppliers play in their value chains, starting with the choice of raw materials, through the use of the utensils required to make their products, and ending with the subsequent presentation of their products at the point of sale.

Grupo Bonmacor manages this association
Mallorca 286, entlo. 2ª · 08007 Barcelona (Spain) · Tel. +34 93 207 25 16 · Fax +34 93 207 47 72 · email: administracion@provea.info