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PROVEA - Asociación de Proveedores de Productos y Servicios para la Alimentación Profesional (Professional Food Products and Services Suppliers Association)


Association details

The Asociación de Proveedores de Productos y Servicios para la Alimentación Profesional (PROVEA – Professional Food Products and Services Suppliers Association) is a not for profit association set up in 1998 when it was called Sicopex. The Association’s name was changed to PROVEA in 2004.

Currently PROVEA brings together companies that supply the restaurant, bakery, pastry and ice-cream sectors and, in general, all professional food services. PROVEA member companies deliver a wide range of products (delicatessen, chocolates, small utensils, decorative articles, blonde lace, boxes, etc.) and services (computers, logistics, storage, consultancy, etc.) for workshops and points of sale in the abovementioned sectors.

GOALS. Its mission is to defend the collective interests of its member companies by attaining the following goals:

  • To be the sector’s forum for exchanging opinions: Meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss the sector’s most common problems and to undertake joint actions.
  • To act as an interlocutor with government, customers and other associations. To that end PROVEA is a member of FICOP, a federation which brings together ASEMAC (Asociación de Masas Congeladas – Frozen Dough Association), AFESPAN (Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Hornos y Maquinaria para Panadería y Pastelería – Spanish Association of Bakery and Pastry Ovens and Machinery Manufacturers) and ASPRIME (Asociación de Fabricantes de Materias Primas y Mejorantes para la Industria de la Panadería, Pastelería y Heladería – Association of Raw Material and Improvement Agent Manufacturers for the Baking, Pastry and Ice-cream Industry).
  • To keep its member companies informed about all those issues which might be of interest to them.
  • To promote and energise a constant flow of information into the association and between its members.
  • To be the dialogue and negotiation platform for leading domestic fairs.
  • To carry out overseas promotion. In addition to specific actions, it is planned to attend international fairs in the future.

ACTIONS. PROVEA carries out a wide range of different actions:

  • Holding meetings and events: The members of the Association meet on a regular basis at its General Assembly to further and resolve issues which have to do with the industry.
  • Filtering and sending of information: the Association regularly filters and sends specific information which may be of interest to its members through informational circulars.
  • Coordination of actions: being the coordinator in various areas such as marketing, market research, overseas trade and fairs. PROVEA actively participates in the following fairs:

    • Alimentaria : PROVEA is to take part with a pavilion included in the Restaurama show. This pavilion has an unbeatable location and an extensive programme of activities organised by the exhibitors which will help many companies who would otherwise find individual participation costly and complex to take part.
    • Hostelco : An attendance format very similar to Restaurama.
    • Intersicop : The organisers of this show offer PROVEA members extremely advantageous participation conditions. Moreover, in its next edition PROVEA will be in charge of organising single-theme events connected with the world of chocolate and ice-cream.
  • Institutional relationships: it is in constant contact with other business entities and organisations.
Grupo Bonmacor manages this association
Mallorca 286, entlo. 2ª · 08007 Barcelona (Spain) · Tel. +34 93 207 25 16 · Fax +34 93 207 47 72 · email: administracion@provea.info